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Private One-on-One Sound Bath

One-on-One Sound Bath for 1-2 people

A unique Sound Bath for you and a loved one to feel relaxed, balanced and uplifted by soothing musical vibes

Serene Bear Snug, Dale House, Tewkesbury, GL20 5BX

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About the event

A Sound bath is an holistic approach to wellness – treating the whole to restore balance to our physical and subtle energy bodies.

Whether you want to just relax and unwind, reduce stress, get relief from physical discomfort or access deeper Spiritual connection with Source and your intuition, a Sound Bath is your opportunity to relax, receive and find your happy place.

This private one-on-one Sound Bath experience for 1 to 2 people lasts for around 65 minutes and is a wonderful unique idea for special occasions:

  • Birthday gift
  • Couples treat
  • Valentines treat
  • Relaxing spa alternative
  • Mothers or Fathers Day present
  • “Me-time” (because you deserve it!)

Love the idea of a Sound Bath but would prefer to try it on your own instead of in the usual group setting? This tailor-made Sound Bath is ideal for you.

What Happens During the Sound Bath?

You lie back wearing your comfy clothing on a provided lounger recliner with a blanket covering you (see what to bring & wear below).

We begin with a short guided relaxation that’ll help you downshift into tranquility mode, and we invite in the high vibrational healing energies of Mother Earth, Source, and whatever rings true with your personal beliefs.

I will also encourage you to set your personal healing intentions silently for the session (be they emotional, physical, spiritual, or a combination).

“Sound + Intention = Healing” – Jonathan Goldman

I will play various instruments and sounds known for their calming frequencies for you (including Tibetan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, gong, Zaphir chimes, percussive instruments, RAV Vast drum and calming vocal toning chants).

We will end the Sound Bath journey with some positive affirmations and mantras you can use at home, along with some other handy actionable tips.

What to Bring & Wear?

Wear comfy and cozy clothing, layers are best. An eye mask is recommended to help you chill out even more.

Unlike in group Sound Baths, for that added touch of luxury, zero-gravity recliner chairs are provided for you. If you prefer to lie on the floor, please bring your own yoga mat.

Please bring a cushion and blanket (as we go into deep relaxation “rest and digest” mode, our body temperature can drop).

Price per session: 1 or 2 people – £60

Payments via Paypal or bank transfer. Drop me, Tiff, an email to find out availability and book: info@tiffbmusic.com

The Benefits of a Sound Bath

The main benefits people experience during, and in the days and weeks after, a Sound Bath are:

– Clear and calm mind
– Reduced anxiety, stress and depression
– Feeling of tranquility and peace
– Ability to live in the present and reduce overthinking
– Easing of health issues (e.g. chronic pain, insomnia, high blood pressure)
– Clearing blocked chakra energy centers 
– Raised consciousness and stronger Spiritual connection
– Feeling of love for self and others

If you love geeking out, learn more about how Sound Therapy works here.


Serene Bear Snug, Dale House, Bredon Rd, Tewkesbury, GL20 5BX. (opposite the HandyMan Centre). Free parking at location.

Serene Bear Snug is located on the first floor at the top of the white staircase of Dale House. Note, there is no wheelchair access.

crystal singing bowls tibetan sound healing music therapy near me gloucestershire tewkesbury cotswolds cheltenham

We are located right next to Tewkesbury Marina.

Make a day of it – we are only a 7 minute walk away from the stunning Tewkesbury Abbey. There are plenty of things to do and see in the historical town, from brunch to boat trips.

Important Terms

  • I will be able to let you in 5 minutes before your booked slot. Any earlier, I may be with another participant.
  • Bookings are non-refundable because availability is limited.
  • Please ensure you read the “Sound Therapy is Not Suitable for” below to make sure you are eligible to attend an event.
  • By booking you agree that you have read these terms and confirm you are suitable to take part in a Sound Bath, as per the guidelines below.

Sound Therapy is Not Suitable for:

The vibrational effects of a gong in particular can be powerful. As such, this Sound Bath is not suitable for ladies in the first & final trimester of pregnancy, anyone under the age of 13, or if you have a heart condition, tinnitus, metal implants (e.g. pacemaker), sound induced epilepsy or acute mental illness.

Please email me with questions if you’re unsure.

FAQ 1. I’m new to Sound Bath’s, will I get wet?

Despite the name Sound Bath, the only water involved during one is what you may choose to bring as a refreshing drink! “Bath” is purely metaphorical and refers to how it feels to immerse yourself in the cleansing sound frequencies.

FAQ 2. What will I experience during the Sound Bath?

You will have an experience unique to you, which depends on your mood, state of mind and healing intentions. Leave judgement at the door and go with the flow.

Each person will interpret the sounds they hear and feel differently. You may have an emotional release, receive intuitive insights, or just feel a deep sense of peace and calm as you recharge your batteries.

One thing is for sure, you will have a unique calming experience to remember. See you there!

Love & Light,

Tiff x