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Sound Baths for Raised Vibrations & Blissful Well-Being

with Tiff Bryan - sound healer, musician & composer (Based in Gloucestershire)

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“Sound is the template of the Universe, and because everything is vibration, we can look at life as a song; a symphony” – Kimba Arem

Everything in the Universe is vibrating and we are all unique vibratory beings. Because sound is the essence of vibration, Sound Healing has the power to create positive change in our lives.

Sound helps us to drop into deep states of relaxation, live from our heart space and has the power to heal imbalances in our body, mind, and soul.

The partnership of rich harmonic frequencies and entrancing rhythms in a Sound Bath will help calm your nervous system and stimulate brainwave patterns associated with peaceful and meditative states so you can activate your body’s own magnificent healing system.

Helping you to downshift and access deeper states of consciousness, to raise your vibration on a cellular and etheric level; all you have to do in a Sound Bath journey is relax, receive and bliss out.

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The Benefits of a Sound Bath

In our hectic modern world, particularly in the West, we focus more on mass consumption and rushing around than on our well-being. This self-destructive mindset has led to a rise in lifestyle disorders such as heart disease, diabetes and mental illness.

According to mentalhealth.org.uk, a UK survey found that 74% of adults have felt so stressed over the last year that they felt overwhelmed or unable to cope.

We need to stop, calm down and find a way to restore our natural state of balance and peace. Sound Therapy can help us achieve this balance.

The main benefits people experience during, and in the days and weeks after, a Sound Bath:

  • Clear and calm mind
  • Reduced anxiety, stress and depression
  • Feeling of tranquility and peace
  • Ability to live in the present and reduce overthinking
  • Easing of health issues
    (inc. chronic pain, insomnia, headaches, neck ache, high blood pressure, and more)
  • Boosted immune system
  • Clearing blocked energy and repressed emotions
  • Stronger Spiritual connection
  • Raised consciousness and stronger intuition
  • Feeling of love for self and others
  • Improved meditation practice 
  • Enhanced learning and focus

Find out more about the science of how sound has the ability to heal.

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What Happens in a Serene Bear Sound Bath

Our Sound Healing Baths are a fully immersive listening experience. A comfortable space where you can switch off from the daily hustle and bustle, close your eyes, lie back and find your happy place.

You lie down wearing your comfy clothing on a yoga/camping mat, cosy and snuggly with a blanket covering you. I will play various instruments and sounds known for their calming therapeutic frequencies around you as you relax, receive and restore in the soothing vibrations (see How Sound Therapy Works).

Please bring  your own *yoga mat or single airbed to lie on, cushion and blanket for added comfort. As we sink deeper into relaxation mode, our body temperature can drop, hence the blanket. An eye mask is also a good idea, as covering your eyes helps reduce outside distraction.

* If you are physically unable to lie comfortably due to age or disability, feel free to bring a garden reclining chair.

Our ancestors used music and sound to celebrate, meditate, pray, and give thanks to Mother Nature and each other. With this in mind, many of the healing instruments I use are indigenous to various cultures, and so feel like they have ancient wisdom encoded into them.

The Instruments

Sync with the rich frequencies of Tibetan singing bowls, Crystal singing bowls, Chau gong, Zaphir wind chimes, Native American style flute, and percussive instruments, such as West African rattles and Shamanic frame drums.

Feel your worries melt away as you align with the beautifully enchanting melodies of the RAV Vast drum, steel tongue drum, and ethereal vocal toning chants for a calming yet uplifting experience.

crystal singing bowls tibetan sound healing music therapy near me gloucestershire tewkesbury cotswolds cheltenham

Our Crystal Singing bowls are carefully tuned in line with the frequencies of the chakras. Pictured: root chakra (grounding & security), heart chakra (love & compassion) and third-eye chakra (intuition, spiritual connection)

Breath & Intention Setting

Many traditions see the breath as our flow of Spirit throughout our body. Therefore, deep, conscious breathing goes hand in hand with relaxation and well-being.

With this in mind, with the help of the gentle beat of the Bear Spirit frame drum, we begin our Sound Bath with a short guided relaxation. I will also encourage you to set your personal healing intentions silently for the session.

Be they mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, or a combination of all, intention setting results in maximum transformation potential.

“As You Think, So Shall you Be.”

Nature Sound Accompaniment

Nature is rich in vibrant overtones, which can balance and soothe us. Mother Earth herself has a natural frequency (labelled the Schumann Resonance) that pulsates at an average of 7.83 Hz.

I have included this frequency, along with calming nature sounds and binaural beats in an audio backing track that enhances the live Sound Therapy experience.

We will end the healing journey with some positive affirmations and mantras you can use at home, along with some handy actionable tips.

The mantras and tips will empower you to carry on the healing and good feelings long after the music has stopped.

“Present-moment living, getting in touch with your now, is at the heart of effective living…You have everything you need for complete peace and total happiness right now.”Wayne Dyer

Frequently Asked Questions About Sound Baths

FAQ 1. I’m new to Sound Bath’s, will I get wet?

Despite the name Sound Bath, the only water involved during one is what you may choose to bring as a refreshing drink!

“Bath” is purely metaphorical, in this case, and refers to how it feels to immerse yourself in the cleansing sound frequencies during a Sound Therapy journey.

FAQ 2. What will I experience during the Sound Bath?

You will have an experience unique to you, which depends on your mood, state of mind and healing intentions. Honour whatever feelings and emotions may rise. Leave judgement at the door and go with the flow.

There are no “shoulds”. Each person will interpret the sounds they hear and feel differently. You may have an emotional release, receive intuitive insights, or just feel a deep sense of peace and calm as you recharge your batteries.

FAQ 3. What if I get distracted by other noises? 

If you feel your thoughts pulling you out of the present moment during a Sound Bath, watch them float past like clouds in a bright blue summer sky. Bring your focus back on the instrument sounds and your breathing.

Improving your ability to live in the present moment (aka mindfulness) is key to how Sound Therapy helps induce a long-lasting sense of peace and calm.

Deep listening in the moment teaches you how to stop overthinking; to not worry about the future or regret things you can’t change about the past.

Any external noises you notice or inside thoughts are all part of the therapeutic experience and are good. It means you are the observer truly living in the present moment!

Welcome to the transformative power of Sound Therapy.

Listen. Receive. Restore.

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Details of upcoming Serene Bear Sound Bath sessions coming soon!