Tiff B Music


Tiff B is a songwriter from the UK who creates music with the intention to feed your Soul.

Tiff’s music journeys from downtempo EDM to chill-out ambient music with etheric vocal layers to raise your vibes.

With melodies and lyrics from the heart, Tiff’s intention is her music sends an uplifting message of hope to wear your crown on high and stand strong in your power.

Tiff uses her session guitarist experience working with artists including Lady Gaga, Little Mix, and Ce Lo Green as a source of inspiration – her music reflecting her travels both outwards and inwards over the years.

The purpose of her music is to make you dance, make your heart smile with the recognition of being understood and inspire positive change – within and without.

♫ All songs written, played and produced by Tiff B 
(except Barbarella With a Sorrow – drums and bass by R Loverock)